Our services focus on different clients and cover these areas: 

  • Fixed Satellite Services (FSS)
  • Trunk telephony, IP networks / Internet backbone
  • Corporate VSAT, BOD, contribution services
  • Direct-to-Home Broadcasting (DTH) analogue/digital satellite DTH
  • Digital Audio Radio Services (DARS)
  • Broadband Access Services (BBA)
  • Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)
  • Maritime, Aeronautical, Personal mobile, Messaging & Paging
  • Navigation (NAV)
  • Road, Aviation, Personal


We have divided our services to 3 different categories

Since the broadcasting industry is a major component of today's business, AryanSat has been developing the role in the advancement of new broadcast technologies. Reliable satellite broadcasting distribution system requires more than high-quality components. It requires a proficient design and professional installation. We accomplish this by employing highly skilled and experienced engineers and technologists. And then we support them with a thorough and well-tested project management process.

The television signal is sent over the satellite on one of several frequency bands: Ku-band (14/12 GHz), Ku-band DBS (17/12 GHz), or C-band (6/4 GHz). Each of these frequency bands has different advantages for broadcasting applications. C-band has traditionally been the frequency of choice for broadcasters, due to its wide area coverage for broadcast applications and minimal disturbance due to rain attenuation. Ku-band has gained popularity in the world. as it is less prone to terrestrial interference. As well, Ku-band transmissions using digital video compression can be received with smaller receive antennas —as small as 0.6 meters. This is very attractive to broadcasters wishing to transmit directly to a subscriber's home. We offer broadcast services on HOTBIRDEutelsat and Telestar satellites.



We provide services for companies and organizations to develop their computer networks in geographically wide areas. We are capable of providing high reliable networks as VPNs with many kinds of security policies according to the needs of the client.

Our Network Services allow the client to monitor and control all aspects of service dynamically. A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers operate, control, maintain and repair a world-wide network from inside the country to other locations around the world.

AryanSat company is operating and monitoring network for all services 24-hours a day. From this centre, engineers provide immediate diagnostic assistance and coordinate the dispatch of field personnels and spare parts. Our HUBs in the region will be working well to fulfill our customer's needs in the Middle east and Asia.


There are a growing number of business customers who use satellites to transmit voice, data and image information. With private satellite networks, businesses can interconnect their offices for efficient and flexible communications. Private telephone lines and rapid data transfer between computers are common uses.

A broad range of retail, industrial and commercial firms, as well as government organizations have already turned to satellites to meet their business communications needs.

Depending on network traffic volumes and the distances between locations, your company may benefit from satellite communications. Satellite offers consistently high transmission quality, no matter how remote your network locations.

Satellite communications is by nature a broadcast medium, and applications with a one-to-many data, voice, or video requirement may also be a good fit for satellites Technological advances have reduced the size of earth station equipment for many services to the point where satellite antennas or "dishes" can now be easily installed virtually anywhere-on rooftops, in parking lots, or on the sides of buildings. The size of your earth stations will be determined by the application you choose. Today's satellite dishes can be a metre or less in diameter.

Besides, our High Speed Internet solution is a two-way satellite turnkey service designed for your business. This service is ideally suited for web based Internet access, supports virtually any data and IP multicast application and includes an embedded web-page accelerator that enhances the user experience.


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